Pepscope Secures Investment to Radically Improve the Development and Application of Kinase Inhibitor Therapies


NIJMEGEN, Netherlands, Dec. 14, 2020 / B3C newswire / — Pepscope is a Dutch biotechnology company offering innovative technologies for profiling the activity of endogenous protein kinases. Today, Pepscope announces a €4.3 million financing round, led by KIKK Capital, in collaboration with Oost NL and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to further develop and commercialize its lead product QuantaKinome™.

QuantaKinome™ is the first technology to provide direct information on the activities of hundreds of protein kinases simultaneously inside diseased tissue cells. Pepscope offers QuantaKinome™ to the pharmaceutical industry and academic researchers to enhance the discovery and development of new kinase inhibitors and other therapeutic compounds, to find new applications of existing compounds and, in due course, to screen therapies optimal for each patient.

Kinase inhibitors represent an essential class of targeted therapies that exert their effects by influencing signaling networks within cells, governed by protein kinases. Despite impressive scientific advances, little is known about the complex effects of drugs on these networks within tissues. QuantaKinome™ is perfectly positioned to fill this gap.

Anna Ressa, CEO and co-founder of Pepscope, comments: “With this investment, we are fully equipped to expand our business globally and work on new solutions for drug development with pharmaceutical partners. I am very proud of the strong and dedicated team at Pepscope that brings QuantaKinome™ to market.

“Pepscope solves a crucial problem with huge and untapped market potential”, says Johan Sebregts, managing partner of lead investor KIKK Capital, “We are proud to join Pepscope with our partners and bring our combined financial and business resources to the table to help the company grow.”

“Pepscope has a promising solution to improve drug development, leading to personalized treatment plans and more effective care,” says Thomas Hensel, Investment Manager at Oost NL. Oost NL grants Pepscope a loan from the new ION+ fund.

“We are excited to finally be able to provide a solution to the lack of knowledge about kinase activities in cells and tissues,” adds Jos Joore, co-founder of Pepscope, “QuantaKinome™ is intended to transform kinase inhibitors and other therapies. We can’t wait to start impacting the lives of patients.

On Pepscope
Pepscope BV is an innovative private biotechnology company based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, with R&D laboratories in Utrecht. The company develops and markets kinase and protein activity profiling technologies to the pharmaceutical industry and academic research groups. The Pepscope team is composed of experts in the field of kinase biology, mass spectrometry and phosphoproteomics, and has extensive multi-year expertise in the field of kinome profiling.

On Capital of the KIKK
KIKK Capital invests in young companies that have recently developed and launched new products, processes or services. Its shareholders and fund management bring not only capital, but also knowledge, skills and their extensive networks. The shareholders of KIKK Capital each bring their unique expertise, acquired by occupying management positions in national and international companies. KIKK Capital plays an active role in its holdings, taking responsibility for their success.

On West NL
Oost NL (Eastern Netherlands Development Agency) is an agency that focuses its activities and projects on strengthening and stimulating the economy of the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, the Netherlands. With our investments, we support start-up and growth-stage SMEs. We do this partly through venture capital from various revolving innovation funds and partly through our personal knowledge, networks and contacts. Through revolving funds, we provide direct and indirect investments and take care of fund management. In addition, we stimulate and support public and private investors. The result: growth through financing.


Anna Ressa, CEO
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Capital of the KIKK
Johan Sebregts
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West NL
Thomas Hensell
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