Percy Jackson Author Confirms Disney+ Series’ Iconic Monster


An iconic monster is coming to Disney+ Percy Jackson and the Olympians. As author Rick Riordan confirmed on his personal blog, the Minotaur will be a featured player in Season 1. “And now it’s back to TV. I’m off to another exciting production day,” wrote Riordan after a day of Percy Jackson filming. “I think we could meet the Minotaur today.” It comes just a week after the first photos of Percy Jackson’s on-location shoot in Aldergrove, Vancouver surfaced. These images revealed the presence of a Hydra dummy, likely used for training by Camp Half-Blood campers.

fans of the Percy Jackson the books will recall the limited but catalytic role of the Minotaur in the first installment of the series. After the titular character narrowly escapes his pre-algebra teacher (who was secretly one of the three Furies), Percy is chased by the Minotaur. Poseidon’s son is able to make it across the magical borders blocking Camp Half-Blood’s monsters to safety, but not before the Minotaur captures his mother. Before the half-man, half-bull can kill her, Sally Jackson evaporates into the golden light and is taken hostage in the underworld by Hades. It was this kidnapping, along with the quest for the Master Bolt, that changed The Lightning Thief story full throttle. The mythical beast is absent for the next three books, but returns for a rematch in the climax. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian.

The live-action reboot of Riordan’s bestselling novels is currently in its second month of production, where it has shot scenes both on location and on a virtual soundstage. The latter is specifically Industrial Light & Magic’s StageCraft LED stage, the same technology used to bring in the landscapes The Mandalorian and The Batman live. Even with a foundation as solid as the aforementioned projects, this new volume is destined to push the boundaries even further.

“Our new volume stage is an even more advanced version of this wraparound virtual environment, making it one of the most advanced production stages in the world,” said Riordan. “We use it for things that have never been attempted before, creating sets so realistic that if we do it right, you should never be able to guess which scenes were shot on location and which were shot on the scene.”

Percy Jackson should be in production until next January and is currently without a release date.


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