Poetry came to get me


Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish once said, “Poetry and beauty always make peace. When you read something beautiful, you find coexistence; it breaks down the walls. And while we were talking to tricity literature lovers and poets, they said that poetry heals – it soothes the soul.

Poet’s Day (August 21) is about honoring, embracing, appreciating and creating the art of poetry. Whether one prefers to read poetry or write it, the day is dedicated to celebrating this literary form.

Snehal Srivastav, a literature student, says, “Poetry is about expressing your innermost thoughts and unspoken emotions in a rhythmic way. Some of my favorite poets include Gulzar and Amrita Pritam.

“A famous saying that I really believe in is that the world is full of poetry – the air lives with its spirit; the waves dance to the music of its melodies and sparkle in its luminosity. Poetry is eternal beauty to me and two of my favorite poets are John Keats and Fukuda Chiyo-ni,” says literature professor Dani Jones.

There are so many good poets, in Hindi, but Subhadra Kumari Chauhan is my favorite. Her poems carry a unique rhythm and have the ability to make the reader remember her words. Moreover, his works are not difficult to understand and yet are meaningful, says Nidhi Bhatnagar, an avid reader.

“Poetry is therapeutic for me. It helped me face and express my deep emotions. The works of Robert Frost, Mary Oliver, Denise Levertov and William Wordsworth have had the most impact on my life,” says Instagram-based poet Sanjeev Sharan.

“My favorite poet is Faiz Ahmad Faiz. If you are interested in Urdu poetry, you cannot be a stranger to his works. His poetry is not only traditional but also has a purpose. Must read Deewan-e-Faiz,” said poetry enthusiast Munawar Ali.

“My favorite works are by the Russian poet Sergey Aleksandrovich Esenin. Esenin expresses his love for his native land. his roots, people, nature beautifully in his poetry. Esenin’s poetry expresses his feelings like no other. He expresses his feelings with passion, loudly and impressively and with great understanding of what he means. Listening to Esenin’s poetry records, one wants to trust him and admire his talent,” explains poet Amayra Seth.


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