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“I know a lot of people who work in video games in Australia — and they’re all amazing at what they do with years of experience and an impressive knowledge base,” enthuses Summary of Red Bull host, hexagon. “But the other thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter how obvious the clues may seem in the moment – if your head isn’t in that specific place, you can ignore an answer that seems obvious. It happens all the time. Sometimes people overthink things Trying to remember the name of an obscure Italian character of this indie dating sim when it’s, like, “Guys, the answer is mario!”.

“On the other hand, when everyone knows the answer, I’ll probably have them fighting to the death for the chance to be the one buzzing, so – it’ll be entertaining anyway.”

Hex, alias Stephanie Bendixsenhas now tangled up with two teams of competitors on the gaming “game show”, Red Bull Wrap Up, across two released episodes, with more being taped together as you read this.

We have already gave you the truth about what it is – it’s a beast of entertainment with a difference, but rather than re-wax lyrically about what helps the show stand out, we reached out to some of those brave souls who have already given their time to get a first-hand grasp of the procedure.
“I am a variety player. I like anything with a good storyline, addictive puzzles, or cool characters,” says game hub writer and Ep 2 contestant Leah Williams. “And I love a bit of trivia! I’m a Trivial Pursuit champion, but only in niche circumstances. Ask me anything about comics, video games, movies, and TV, and I “I’m an ace. Ask me about anything in the real world, and I’ll probably run a mile.”
“I can’t say I’ve done a lot of nonsense or anything like that, I’m more of a ‘let’s go’ person,” admits Leah’s teammate in Ep 2, Tannar Eacott — a australian youtube star which we’re not too ashamed to admit we’ve *perhaps* placed outside his comfort zone with this invite. “I think a lot of what I do in my own work, I have control over the content and the production, so it’s just me and the camera. Whereas this time I’m trying to be entertaining and to be a good teammate for the people around me.

“Once I got up there, the nerves were gone, and everyone felt the same. [anyway] and we all made ourselves comfortable.

Red Bull Wrap Up is a show where the whole premise is to get people out of those safer spaces; comfortable and normal spaces, and throwing them into the absolute opposite. But as with anything with an agenda, you have to have a hook, and ours is the game’s relatively ubiquitous dry land.

The Fork Knife team is ready at the buzzer!

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We mean there wasn’t much competitive team action in the 8-bit era…

“I’m the kind of player who knows a LOT about a LITTLE”, says half of the second team of Ep 2, Stephanie Panecasioon which you can normally find crafting words at CBS. “Ask me anything about the little details in The Witcher 3, Skyrim Where Mass Effect and I can ramble on for days! (No really, you’ll have to physically stop me.)

“But when it comes to things like older platforms and games, I’m completely lost,” she admits. “I’ve always been an open-world RPG girl, but other than a bit of dabbling in Power and magici was never really allowed to play games until i was older – so i completely missed the boat with all things nintendo. I played Mario Kart for the first time in my 20s!

Steph’s partner, Geordie “Mac” McAleeralso has an edge over the rest of the attendees, with his gaming credentials firmly rooted in the exciting world of esports where he comments on and showcases some of the biggest events and titles in the country.

“[I would describe myself as a] competitive multiplayer enthusiast, esports enthusiast who enjoys being involved in gaming communities,” he says confidently. Too bad that on this occasion, we directed a lot of the questions of the episode around the old-fashioned game. We mean there wasn’t much team-based competitive action in the 8-bit era.

Red Bull Episode 2 Recap – EXCELSIOR!

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It’s great to give these passions their moment…

“We all have areas where we’re like savants with everything we know about a game or a franchise,” Hex says of the show’s questions and his contestants’ knowledge base so far. . “But there are [topics] we just haven’t touched – it’s rare to find someone who’s actually through it all.

“I didn’t grow up playing a lot of Nintendo stuff, so I’m uneven on a lot of Zelda-related anecdotes that I know people would find sacrilegious. On another side, Dany (Ep 1) – who is probably traditionally more known for his work in music than video games – is like a Zelda supernerd, so…

“It’s great to give these passions their moment.”

It’s true that we worked on the theme of each episode to help bait the aforementioned hook with at least some level of specificity, but the series is at its best when it deviates a little.

“A straight eighty quiz isn’t really the goal here,” Hex says. “I give points randomly, lots of people respond with jokes for lols – it’s all about having fun and guests have a much better time knowing we’re all here in the spirit of being so chaotic as possible.

“My job is to bring us back from the edge of chaos so that we can go all the way without losing ourselves completely.”

Host with the Most, Steph “Hex” Bendixsen Steers the Good Ship

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For Steph, points might be more trivial (heh) in the grand scheme of things, but let’s face it, when you add some form of scoring to an activity, people are going to get competitive.

“I have a bone to settle with Hex,” Leah chimes. “Hey! Team range (Tannar and I) were clearly in the lead until the latter stages of the match, when some sneaky flattery from the other team robbed us of our hard-earned advantage. I call shenanigans!”

“[Steph] certainly didn’t rob us, she gave us a lot of scoring opportunities in a lot of ways other than questions,” Leah’s teammate Tannar argues. “So no complaints from me, I loved the Mario Kart games and when we had the controllers and our teammate had to guide us through an outdoor bike course – I could be more involved in those parts! “

At the end of the day, what matters is that everyone had fun, and our editorial team added a few tough ones just to help them sleep well at night. Although the latest crew admits that Red Bull Wrap Up was winnable with questions that were both “harder than expected, but also somehow easier” (a near-perfect representation of the show in its entire format, recall -you), some of the so-called “curves”. really threw them away leaving little room for good plans for the next wave of applicants, given that you never know what to expect.

Although Mac succinctly bypassed anything constructive, instead serving up an age-old formula for success.

“Just have fun with it and be prepared for anything!”


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