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Sylvia M. Barchue, a retired hospital administrator of Vincentian descent and registered executive nurse, collaborated with her friend and former colleague Betty Gadson, a retired registered nurse, in the publication of “The ABCs of Health of Women – What Every Woman Needs to Know.”

Barchue, whose tenure at the James J. Peters Veterans Administration Medical Center in the Bronx spanned 37½ years, said Caribbean life exclusively that the urgency to co-write the book “was the many challenges women face in finding the time to care for themselves.

“They often neglect their own health while taking care of others,” said Barchue, who currently partners with her younger sister, Stacia Morris, a prominent Vincentian-born business consultant in Norwalk, CT at TrireMIS Solutions, LLC, in as partner and vice-president. program chair.

“Additionally, due to the sandwich generation, women look after their children and parents, and pay no or limited attention to self-care,” she added.

Barchue, who currently resides in Greenwich, CT, said she realized there was a need to educate women and came up with the idea to write a book that was “basic, easy to read and who would give advice to women.

“Because it was to be simple, what better name than the ‘ABC’ of something?” she asked, revealing that, after further discussion with her three younger sisters, she had chosen the title “The ABCs of Women’s Health – What Every Woman Needs to Know”.

“The benefit of this book is to educate and provide information to women as they seek answers and continue on their path to better health,” Barchue added. “The material covered in this book will give women the basic knowledge and tools to better understand their bodies and how to take better care of themselves.

“It is a guide to determining when and where to seek the attention of a medical professional,” she continued, urging readers to share the information received while reading the book and to “be an advocate for their health care”.

Barchue, who has published previously, also recommended that men buy this book “for the women in their lives.”

His previous post, “My Sister, My Friend, My Miracle,” told the story of the “miraculous recovery” of his sister, Auriol Sonia.

Barchue, née Morris, said she is “the proud mother” of a son, Josyl, an intellectual property lawyer.

The eldest child of the late Stanley Mc Lean Morris, Sr. and Constance Morris, Barchue has four other siblings, in addition to Stacia and Auriol Sonia: Outstanding Vincentian Football Stars Stanley, Jr. “Luxy”, Alexander” Pete” and Desmond “Des”; and her younger sister, Sherry-Ann Morris.

Author Sylvia M. Barchue. Sylvia M. Barchue

In 1970, Barchue left St. Vincent and the Grenadines to pursue nursing studies in London, England.

After graduating from nursing school, as a registered nurse, she obtained a graduate certificate in critical care nursing and worked as a critical care nurse, primarily caring for patients after surgery at open heart and brain.

Upon moving to the United States in 1979, Barchue said she continued in her role as a critical care nurse, and in 1982 joined the James J. Peters Veterans Administration Medical Center in the Bronx as a as nurse, then head nurse. in the surgical intensive care unit (ICU).

In 1996, Barchue said he designed a combined 20-bed unit, when all intensive care units were merged under his leadership.

She said she went from head nurse to patient care center director to associate director of clinical operations at the medical center. She retired from the James J. Peters Veterans Administration Medical Center in January 2020.

Barchue holds a BA in Leadership (Magda cum Laude) from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT, where she served on the Alumni Board.

She earned a Masters in Organization and Management (Summa cum Laude) from Capella University, Minneapolis, MN.

Additionally, Barchue, who holds a certificate in nursing management from Fairfield University, CT, is a graduate of the North East Healthcare Leadership Institute of the Veterans Affairs Administration, Washington, D.C., with distinction as the first mentor of the Veterans Health Administration Fellow.

Barchue, who has received several awards and certificates, has published and collaborated on books and medical journal articles.

She said that once the decision was made to write “The ABCs of Women’s Health – What Every Woman Should Know”, she asked Gadson to co-write, “who graciously agreed”.

Author Betty Gadson.
Author Betty Gadson.Betty Gadson

Gadson, who was born and raised in rural North Carolina, has lived in New York for many years. She currently resides in White Plains, New York.

She is a retired registered nurse, with 41 years of experience at various Veterans Administration medical centers in California and New York in multiple areas of clinical and administrative nursing.

Gadson said his career in healthcare helped fuel his passion for preventative and holistic medicine.

In addition to her many studies in clinical medicine, she said she had developed “a keen interest in research in the field of improving health through diet, nutrition, medicinal plants, complementary therapies and other natural practices”.

Gadson said it was his first experience co-authoring a book.

She said she was inspired to study nursing by watching her mother care for her grandmother and other family members, and developed a passion for caring for the sick and injured.

She is “the proud mother” of a daughter, Krystal.

“Extremely easy to understand, very basic, and informative,” Zinoba Kahn, MD, on “The ABCs of Women’s Health – What Every Woman Should Know.”

Stacia Morris said: “Right now we need to understand our bodies and how to take care of our loved ones.”

Dr Bindu Raju said ‘The ABCs of Women’s Health’ is ‘useful’, ‘I also hope it gives you the courage to go and trust your health care provider because we understand.”

The book is available for purchase from the two authors, who will be happy to autograph a copy, or on Amazon at: ABC’s of Women’s Health: What Every Woman Needs To Know: Barchue, Sylvia M, Gadson, Betty L: 9780982076705: Books

The authors can also be reached on: [email protected] or 203-536-4918 (Barchue); Where [email protected] or 914-260-8153 (Gadson).


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