Saga finally returns from a hiatus with a new issue in January


The day that comic book fans have been waiting for more than two years has arrived. To his New York comic panel on Saturday, writer Brian K. Vaughan announced that Saga – her famous space opera comic with artist Fiona Staples – will finally be back in comic book stands with issue number 55 in January.

“Apart from my own family, working with Staples of Fiona to Saga is the most important thing in my life, so I can’t thank readers and retailers enough for their patience, “Vaughan said in a statement.” I think our next 54 issues will be even more shocking, weird and spectacular than the first 54, so we can’t wait to be back on the shelves at your local comic book store soon. “

Saga, what was EW’s Favorite Comic Of The Last Decade, follows Hazel’s education. Her parents Marko and Alanna come from two opposing factions of a galaxy-wide war, making Hazel a unique person and a symbol of possible peace. Some time will have passed between the events of issue # 54 and when readers will see her again. What is she doing these days? We will have to wait a little longer to find out.

Cover of the saga

Fiona Staples for Image Comics

Revelation of the saga

Revelation of the saga

Picture comics Brian K. Vaughan announces long-awaited return of ‘Saga’ news to fans at New York Comic Con

“I really failed to communicate with readers through the pages of Saga, so I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and dive into that world again, ”Staples said. “The next arc is already going to places I never imagined. I’m so grateful that we can keep doing this! “

Saga # 54 was released in July 2018 and ended with one hell of a cliffhanger. When EW asked Vaughan and Staples at the time about the reasons for their hiatus, Staples cited “feelings of mild burnout” after six years of making the best comic of the decade with relentless monthly deadlines (Saga is almost unique in modern mainstream collaborative comics for never having featured a guest artist), combined with the heavy emotional toll of these latest pre-hiatus issues.

“We just knew there would be a time when we needed to regroup and catch our breath,” Vaughan told EW at the time. “We knew that once we got to precisely this point, we would both have the opportunity to take a break and spend time with our real families before returning to our fictional families.”

But now the break is over. Saga will kick off the second half of its run with a double number (44 numbers for the same old price of $ 2.99). Find Saga # 55 on Jan 26, 2022 wherever comics are sold.

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