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One of my favorite things is meeting authors and discovering the inspiration behind their stories. And so, I’m very happy to share this from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 16, Inklings will meet with Pacific Northwest authors Emmeline Duncan and Alexis Morgan.

Duncan is a Portland-based mystery writer. Her novels include the “Ground Rules” series, starting with this year’s “Fresh Brewed Murder”, which she’ll be signing for us on Saturday, followed by 2022’s “Double Shot Death”, which you’ll obviously need to pre-order (after dropping into love with “Fresh Brewed Murder”, of course.)

In “Fresh Brewed Murder” we get to know the barista Sage Caplin. Sage has high hopes for her new coffee cart, Ground Rules, until she finds the body of one of her very first customers in front of the cart. There are plenty of suspects, from longtime salespeople annoyed by the ground rules for taking a coveted spot in the food truck parking lot, to protesters protesting against a new skyscraper. But who committed the murder? To make matters worse, one of Sage’s cutters is discovered as the murder weapon.

Mystery lovers and coffee fanatics are bound to be captivated by this story.

Morgan is a USA Today bestselling author with over 45 novels, short stories and short stories spanning a variety of genres. Her latest adventure is the “Cozy Mystery” series “Abby McCree”. There are four books released and we will have all four in the store: “Death by Committee”, “Death by Jack-O’-Lantern”, “Death by Auction” and “Death by Intermission”.

“Death by Committee” is the story of Abby McCree. Abby inherits the property from her favorite relative in the small town of Snowberry Creek, Washington, and soon realizes the inheritance comes with conditions. The estate is run down, there is a slobbery mastiff that it is impossible not to love, and a tenant who growls more than the dog. But you could handle these things. It’s what she finds in her aunt’s garden that complicates things a bit: Aunt Sybil’s only known rival is buried in her garden! But was her beloved aunt really a murderer, or is the murderer on the loose?

This one is for mystery and quilting enthusiasts. Abby gets involved in a tight quilting guild, and her quirky quilting friends step in to try and solve this mystery.

Two other mystery writers from the Pacific Northwest can’t join us on Saturday but have sent us some pretty signed bookplates. We will have, in addition to the two upcoming authors, “A Christmas Carol Murder” by Heather Redmond and the series “The Witch Way Librarian” by Angela M. Sanders.

• “Fresh Brewed Murder” by Emmeline Duncan was released by Kensington on March 30th. It costs $ 15.95 in paperback.

• “Death by Committee” (Abby McCree # 1) by Alexis Morgan was published by Kensington in January 2019. It costs $ 8.99 in paperback.

• Anne Zastrow works for the Inklings bookstore. She and other Inklings staff review books in this space every week.


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