She-Hulk Episode 7’s Clever Reference to a Marvel Comics Legend You May Have Missed


“She-Hulk” comic book writer Dan Slott take from Twitter, drawing fans’ attention to an Easter egg from episode 7 of “She-Hulk” that references him. Over his long and storied career, Slott has worked on some of the most famous series in comic book history, including a stint on the “She-Hulk” series which inspired the Disney+ show. As Slott pointed out, the tow truck that Jen hires near the end of the episode is named “Slott Towing”, paying homage to its source material. The truck driver is even called Dan, as his badge indicates.

However, this is far from the first time Slott has gotten his own Easter egg in the MCU. In his tweet, he pointed to three precedents scattered around the “Spider-Man” trilogy. First, in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, when Peter Parker (Tom Holland) performs a background check on Aaron Davis (Donald Glover), he discovers that Davis lives on “Slott Ave”. Then, in a shot of “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, an Italian street sign is named “Calle del Slotto”, which means Slott Street. And, as if that weren’t enough, when Peter and his classmates land at JFK airport at the end of “Far From Home,” a limo driver can be seen holding up a sign for “Slott.”

The reason these Easter eggs have, thus far, been in the “Spider-Man” movies is because, aside from his work on the “She-Hulk” comics, Slott has written for the “Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Superior Spider-Man”, as well as several “Avengers”, “Fantastic Four” and “Iron Man” stories. Given the influence Dan Slott had on Marvel comics, he certainly deserves to be memorialized in the MCU.


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