Social media has helped me cope with cancer, says Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat | Joanne harris


Social media can be a positive force when it becomes a place for honest discussion about the disease, said author Joanne Harris in a candid radio interview.

Harris, best known for her 1999 bestselling book Chocolate, suffered panic attacks when she first rose to fame and passed out in public. She will tell host Lauren Laverne this morning[Sunday]today she is happy that she got over her nerves and shared the news that she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Speaking on BBC Radio 4 Disks of the Deserted Island, the writer said she felt “so connected to the world” because she had “shared so much online.”

Harris said she originally posted on social media about her illness so she wouldn’t have to tell people individually that her recovery was progressing: “But then I realized that in fact, then that I was getting feedback, there were a lot of people who were also going through the same experience and who felt empowered that I was out and talked about it. People are very scared to say, “I” have been diagnosed with cancer ”.

She added that the disease had not “been an entirely negative experience” because it was detected early, thanks to a routine mammogram. Harris uses the platform to repeat his social media post to attend mammogram appointments.

Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp in a scene from the film adaptation of Chocolat. Photograph: Miramax International / EPA

“It could save your life. It could have saved mine.
Shedding light on her treatment on social media has also helped her cope with her recovery.

“It’s one of the coping mechanisms the human mind has to make fun of something terrifying,” she said. “I brought out the fun side of some of the things that were going on.” Harris named his cancer after Mr C and created the hashtag GoodbyeMrC. “I would basically tell jokes about my hair loss, my eyebrow loss, my eyelash loss, the appearance of a potato.”

When Juliette Binoche was chosen to star in the Oscar nominated film of Chocolate released in 2000, the actor stayed with Harris in Barnsley, the author tells Laverne, sleeping in his daughter’s room because there was no room available.

Panic attacks have started in America. “I would pass out, suddenly and without warning, at a premiere or glitzy event. It was weird because I didn’t feel like I was making it out, but obviously I didn’t. was not.


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