South Hams international author publishes new book


Anne Jones, SOUTH Hams author and internationally renowned spiritual healer, has released a new book.

Anne, who lives in Kingswear, wrote ‘How to Heal’ – to show readers a way to regain control of their emotions in the confusion of modern life.

She says:How to Heal shows that amid all the confusion, negativity, and noise, you can use the power of ancient symbols and rituals to regain control of your emotions, break through your barriers, and elevate your life to a higher place. happy, calmer and more fulfilling. After a stressful time of extreme upheaval and anxiety, and continued uncertainty combined with the onset of a mental health crisis, my book‘s promise of healing resonates with readers and has never been more needed.

The book shows how to “unlock new strength and resilience” as Anne leads the reader through a unique holistic approach to healing using powerful ancient symbols and rituals.

She added: “As you begin to eliminate negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings about yourself, every part of you – from your physical body to your mental health and your spirit – will react, come alive and begin to heal. .

“What you think, feel and see becomes your truth. So it’s time to stop letting the world destroy you and move beyond the past traumas that define you.

By surrounding yourself with peace and positivity and taking control of the negativity that blocks your path, you can begin a transformative healing process that will release your past, reclaim your energy, and rekindle your joy.

Anne Jones is an international spiritual healer, teacher and author of seven books translated into 18 languages. His books include the bestselling Healing Negative Energies. Anne gives seminars and personal sessions to remove emotional blockages, release past life imprints, regain self-esteem and improve relationships. She is also the lyricist for Artaban the Musical, which debuted in the West End in 2021 and will be launched as a film later this year. Anne is also the founder of the charity Hearts and Hands for Africa.

The new book How to Heal contains a series of practical and effective exercises to help the reader let go of negative thoughts and feelings and regain control. It combines ideas with practical, digestible advice and guidance. Anne helps readers apply her healing symbols, techniques, rituals and prayers to all parts of the physical, mental and spiritual being.


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