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Sunday roast / Alexa Bruun Rasmussen

Fine arts

Alexa Bruun Rasmussen is the third generation in her family to work at the Bruun Rasmussen auction house in Denmark, which opened in 1948 (writes Grace Charlton). As the Copenhagen Gallery’s Branding Director and Auctioneer, she often negotiates telephone offers from around the world in Danish, English, German and French, and is an expert in antiques and silverware. Here, Bruun Rasmussen tells us about her favorite Danish Christmas traditions, creating “table landscapes” with silverware and what she doesn’t want to see on the dining table.

Where do we find you this weekend?
At Trapholt, the museum of modern art, crafts and design in Kolding, Denmark. There is a very interesting exhibition on the work of designer Verner Panton going on.

What’s your ideal start to a Sunday – a soft start or a jerk?
A smooth start consisting of a coffee, two soft-boiled eggs and a moment with family and friends.

Soundtrack of choice?
Classical music or whatever it is from Abba, depending on the time of day.

News or no news?
On weekdays I read the daily news on my phone, but on weekends I prefer print.

Pantry essentials you can’t live without?
I can’t do without butter. I always spread a thick layer on bread.

A staple of Sunday culture?
Scroll through all the new design, art and more at Bruun Rasmussen’s online auctions. And a long walk with my dog ​​Lobo, a black Labrador.

The perfect place to dine?
At home, where we cook salmon with lots of fresh herbs and set a beautiful table combining tableware from the 18th to the 21st century.

Who is joining?
Friends, often over three generations.

A glass of anything you would recommend?
It should be my own wine, the Alexa Chardonnay 2018 from Stellenbosch, which is a collaboration between me and Mathew Castle from Mats Vineyard. I would also recommend a Chardonnay from the Francis Ford Coppola winery.

What won’t we find on your Sunday table?

A Sunday night routine?
At the moment i’m watching The good doctor on Netflix. It’s inspiring.

What are your favorite festive traditions?
I really enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with friends and Christmas with family. I love the wonderful spirit of Christmas. It’s great, especially for children and those of us who still feel young at heart. Oh, and the Danish traditions of dancing around the Christmas tree and playing “Find the almond in rice pudding”.


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