Teenager Takes Rs 75,000 Loan To Buy Additional Features For Online Game, Pays For Life


Whenever the teenager’s mother confronted him, he claimed he was taking classes online (Representative Image). | Photo credit: iStock images


  • Teenager reportedly murdered in Chhattisgarh for failing to repay loan worth Rs 75,000
  • The boy borrowed money because he wanted to buy additional features for an online game

Raipur: A teenager allegedly borrowed Rs 75,000 as a loan to purchase additional features in a game and ended up paying with his life. The boy was reportedly murdered after being unable to repay the loan. The 17-year-old boy was reportedly missing five days before he was found dead.

The body of the missing teenager was found in the forests of the Sarangarh region in Raigarh. Police said the teenager was playing games on his cell phone.

A teenager wanted to buy guns and bullets for the game

Whenever the teenager’s mother confronted him, he claimed he was taking classes online. The boy, who is said to have become addicted to gambling, borrowed 75,000 rupees from his friend because he wanted to buy additional features such as guns and bullets for an online game.

The teenager’s friend, Chavan Khunte, started asking for the money in January, but he still apologized. Suspecting that the teenager would never return the money, Khunte decided to teach him a lesson, The time of India reported. On March 10, Khunte called the boy to meet him and forced him to drink alcohol.

After consuming alcohol, the accused again demanded money from the teenager and he began to apologize. The two then got into an argument and Chavan allegedly slit the teenager’s throat with a blade, killing him.

As a result, Chavan claimed to have concocted a kidnapping story and sent a ransom message to the 17-year-old boy’s mother. He demanded Rs 5 lakh for the release of the teenager. The teenager’s mother approached the cops and an investigation was launched. Police used CCTV footage from nearby areas to locate the accused and chose him for questioning. During questioning, the accused confessed to the crime and was arrested.

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