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Taylor Swift released her 10th studio album on Friday, inviting reflection on her rise to popularity as a public figure. As the only female artist to win Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards three times, Swift’s stardom surpasses that of most of her peers. However, as his fame grew, his relationship with the media changed significantly, from writing songs with the real names of his crushes to supposedly carrying himself in suitcases for privacy.

Beginning her career in 2006 as a 16-year-old country star with curly blonde hair and an accent she picked up after moving to Nashville, Swift was known for performing in tropes of “America’s sweetheart. “. She giggled in interviews and came up with the idea for her first single in math class.

However, Swift’s stardom skyrocketed two years later, with the release of her second album “Fearless.” The rise of hits “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” coincided with her first Grammy wins, the start of a public obsession with her relationship status, and the infamous interaction with Kanye West at the 2009 VMAs. .

It’s been a huge year for Swift, who has become a teen girl idol, a radio staple and the subject of serious public debate for the first time. Her public image evolved into a bigger version of what she was known for in 2006, as she described begging her parents to take her to Nashville like another kid might ask to go to Disneyland and reenter the world. world.

She readily revealed aspects of her personal life, sharing exactly which ‘Fearless’ songs were about Joe Jonas on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, explaining that the intro to a song on ‘Speak Now’ was 27 seconds long because it was the length of the voicemail in which he had broken up with her. Bondable, endearing and innocent, Swift was willing to “do anything” to hear the sound of screaming fans.

As a musician who began her career performing the national anthem at sporting events, Swift was careful to be patriotic but never political, never swear, and fit the bill of a polite young girl. She was the symbol of hard work and traditional family values, thanking “God and family for moving to Nashville” when she won her first CMAs in 2007.

She shook off how much of herself she was willing to share with the world in the “Red” and “1989” eras, but still underscored her relatability and catapulted her into even greater fame. She wrote about teaching boyfriends how to hide from the press in “I Know Places” and did her best to distract audiences from her romantic life by highlighting her friendships on tour and in shows. music videos like “Bad Blood”, but she remained largely silent. on political issues and was instead applauded for her ability to rise above it all.

In 2016, that all changed when Kanye West released his song “Famous,” and a controversy erupted over a lyric mentioning Swift. A back-and-forth of swirling accusations, rebuttals and comments began, as more gossip about Swift’s breakup with Calvin Harris and feud with Katy Perry was released simultaneously. People spammed her social media with the snake emoji, and as a result, Swift deleted all of her posts and began the era of “reputation,” during which she got the snake back, almost didn’t. made public appearances and began a new era in his relationship with the media.

“There will be no other explanation. There will only be reputation,” was the phrase Swift coined as she ushered in the new era musically and publicly. It marked a break from Swift’s unimposing demeanor and willingness to keep quiet about politics.In October 2018, she posted on Instagram endorsing Phil Breseden, a Democratic candidate for United States Senate in Tennessee, and encouraging his followers to vote.

Since then, Swift has released four new albums and two re-recorded albums. His star power soared even higher, as his latest album “Midnights” broke the record for most-streamed album in one day in Spotify history.

Taylor Swift is an enduring presence in popular culture, reporting that her decision to share her political views and walk away from the people she likes so much hasn’t hurt her stardom. Although the media will never tire of discussing her romantic history, Swift has done her best to extend the stance she took with her “reputation” album, bringing her art to the forefront of her public life and sharing rarely details about her for six years now. relationship with actor Joe Alwyn. Now Swift leads with her music and uses her platform to amplify the causes she cares about.


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