The Menopause Millionaire, the new book by best-selling author Carole Hodges


The book Menopause Millionaire: A Guide to Prosperity and Meaning in the Second Half of Your Life is available on Amazon.

Carole Hodges is a bestselling author known as a life-changing navigator. His latest book, titled “The Menopause Millionaire: A Guide to Prosperity and Meaning in the Second Half of Your Life”, has just been released and is currently available on Amazon.

When the author, Carole Hodges, approached menopause, her world crumbled, which pushed her deeply to discover herself. In a single year, she experienced bankruptcy, divorce and the death of her daughter, but she chose to be inspired rather than defeated and created a roadmap to personal fulfillment. This book is an excellent guide for women looking to transform menopause into a life adventure full of autonomy, pleasure and meaning.

“Menopause could be an easy transition, or it could turn your world upside down,” Carole shared, “giving you a new perspective or turning the younger one into a powerful expert in speaking wisdom.”

As Carole resumed her life, she discovered the elements of true prosperity; health, relationships and financial sufficiency. She invites the reader to review their lives for understanding and growth while encouraging women to design their financial and life goals. She shares the pros and cons of many options for building wealth, choosing safe money, and tax considerations. Carole is on a mission to align women’s finances with their life purpose.

This book is a heart-to-heart sharing with a good friend. Carole integrates stories and facts with inspiration and personal reflection while embracing our rapidly changing world. It offers a path to resilience, whether you’re facing financial setbacks, health challenges, or dating after 50. Readers can purchase their copy of this terrific new work by visiting Amazon today. Additionally, readers can visit Carole’s website to learn more about her services as a life change navigator, helping leaders clarify their vision, embrace their unique mission, and live wholeheartedly.

About the Author: Carole Hodges is a multidisciplinary specialist in neurological restructuring, personality styles, and a licensed financial professional. She has consulted with leaders and businesses to improve communication and productivity for over 20 years. Her life-changing navigation reshapes reality through personal clarity and empowerment. Carole has consulted companies in the fields of food production, architecture and services to companies and individuals. She was an early SuccessTracs coach for Harv Eker, CEO of PeopleSmart Solutions, award-winning sales professional at MCI Worldcom, and executive vice president of an international telecommunications organization.

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