The new version of Candyman was teased in the 1992 film


Nia DaCosta’s Candyman will feature a new take on the titular killer, but her backstory was subtly teased in the original 1992 film.

Candy 2021 will feature a new version of the title monster, but part of its story was teased in the original film. Candy is based on Clive Barker’s short story “The Forbidden,” and the film adaptation features Virginia Madsen as a college student investigating the urban legend of Candyman and her origin story. Helen de Madsen discovers far too late that the legend is very real, with Tony Todd playing the title character, who was once a renowned artist who was lynched for falling in love with a white woman.

Todd brought both threat and pathos to the role of Candyman, which is all the more impressive considering the character only has about ten minutes of screen time. The film is now considered a horror classic, with Candyman being an iconic slasher. Todd returned to the role for the 1995s Candyman: Farewell to the flesh – an imperfect but intriguing follow-up of Bill Condon – and 1999 poorly received The day of the Dead. Nia DaCosta co-wrote and produced the next 2021 version of the character, which will reveal there’s more than one Candyman.

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In this new tale about Candyman’s origins, Michael Hargrove will play Sherman Fields, a one-handed man who gave candy to the children of Cabrini-Green. He was later charged with putting razor blades in candy – which is another famous urban legend in itself – and was subsequently beaten and killed by police. In the process, it was discovered that he had been falsely accused and that Fields was apparently acting as the new Candyman for the 2021 film. Fans of the original may have noticed that his story is linked to the original, However.

sherman candyman fields 2021

In the beginning Candy 1992, Helen investigates an abandoned apartment, painted with a mural of Candyman’s screaming face. There are plenty of offers in the image of the residents of Cabrini-Green, including a bunch of candy. Helen investigates these candies and nearly cuts herself on a razor blade hidden inside. It was this moment that likely inspired DaCosta and producer / co-writer Jordan Peele. (Nope) to create a new Candyman Cabrini-Green, which builds on a concept introduced in the original.

Helen herself became a ghost killer in Candyman’s finale and should feature in the new story somehow as well. Although it may be disappointing that the next Candy won’t focus on the incarnation of Todd, the film seeks to honor the 1992 film while also forging its own mythology. It’s been over 20 years since the slasher first appeared on screen, and it seems like it was worth the long wait.

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