The smoked sausage you should know


The fermentation of bologna from Lebanon and its smoky flavor help it stand out from some of its predecessors and rivals. According to My Fermentation, many people credit Italian-style jerky mortadella as their inspiration. Price of Meat says this classic is made with ground pork and a blend of spices. It also contains visible cubes of evenly distributed pork lardo. The flavor of this meat is mostly sweet and mild with some complexity due to the spices.

Then there is the classic American Bolognese. According to Price of Meat, this classic breakfast staple is made with a blend of pork and beef and its own blend of spices that differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. For the most part, it tends to be smooth in texture and slightly sweet in flavor, making it a great lunch option for kids. It’s also a great base for sandwiches that will be filled with other toppings like Mason Hereford’s chip-laden offering.

Where Lebanese bologna stands out from these other variants is its meat and its processing. My Fermentation emphasizes that a good Lebanese bologna should be made entirely from beef. The fermentation and smoking processes also give it much of its flavor and make it a remarkably different end product from other similar meats. Lebanese bologna has a much more “robust” flavor thanks to its rich meat and slow smoking process, per meat price.


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