“The Suicide Squad” had a tough opening weekend


In 2016, Suicide Squad open to disastrous reviews and absolutely incredible box office numbers. On its first weekend in theaters, this DC Comics adaptation grossed $ 133.6 million in the United States alone. Still, the film didn’t go well with many fans, and despite all of that income – the film ultimately grossed $ 746 million worldwide – it took years to figure out how to make the inevitable sequel.

In 2021, the sequel materialized in the form of The suicide squad, written and directed by James Gunn. This time the critics were largely unanimous in their praise; Gunn Team got a 91 from Rotten Tomatoes, compared to 26 from the original film. But audiences just didn’t show up to the new movie the way everyone expected. The suicide squad grossed $ 26.5 million in US theaters last weekend. It didn’t even beat experts’ bearish predictions that the film would make around $ 30 million in its opening weekend.

There are several potential reasons for the movie’s big disappointments. The suicide squad is one of the few films this summer that has never budged from its original release date during the Covid pandemic. Unfortunately, that meant it was ultimately proven to be correct as cases in the country started to rise again due to the spread of the delta variant. The suicide squad was also available simultaneously on HBO Max at no additional cost to subscribers, so anyone who was nervous about seeing the movie in a theater could watch it safely and legally at home for $ 15. (Surely it is no coincidence that the biggest opening weekend of the pandemic era remains F9, a movie you could only see at the cinema.)

In addition to these two factors, I don’t think we should overlook the fact that even though Suicide Squad made a huge amount of money, he was widely hated by the public. While The suicide squadThe marketing of ‘sa tried to make it clear that this was a different kind of sequel created by a new creative team, it always featured several of the same actors in basically the same premise – and good sequels often end with great sequels. Worse box office results than the terrible movies that came before it. For example, the horrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine grossed $ 179 million in the United States, while the higher well The glutton only earned $ 132 million a few years later. When clients are burnt by a blockbuster, they can be very hesitant to come back for the sequel, no matter how good the reviews are.

Here’s the full top five at the weekend box office:

  1. The suicide squad – $ 26.5 million
  2. Jungle cruise – $ 15.6 million
  3. Old – $ 4.1 million
  4. Black Widow – $ 4.0 million
  5. Still water – $ 2.8 million

A curious note to all this: while the critics liked The suicide squad and hated Suicide Squad, the opening weekend audiences gave both films the same CinemaScore: B +. There is no accounting for taste, I guess.

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