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1 WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING (Putnam, $18). By Delia Owens. A young outcast finds herself at the center of a local murder trial.

2 BOOK LOVERS (Berkley, $17). By Emily Henry. Two opposite book professionals from New York cross paths while on vacation in a small town.

3 THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO (Washington Square Press, $17). By Taylor Jenkins Reid. A Hollywood icon tells the story of her glamorous life to a young reporter, and they both learn the price of stardom.

4 EVERYTHING ENDS WITH US (Atria, $16.99). By Colleen Hoover. A woman questions her relationship with a commitment-phobic partner when her former flame shows up.

5 TRUTH (Grand Central, $16.99). By Colleen Hoover. A writer hired to complete the manuscript of an unfit bestselling author learns disturbing secrets.

6 PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION (Berkley, $16). By Emily Henry. Two best friends from college who had a falling out reunite for one more vacation together.

seven MALIBU ON THE RISE (Ballantine, $18). By Taylor Jenkins Reid. A late summer party is the backdrop to the story of four famous siblings trying to come to terms with their upbringing.

8 READING TRACK (Berkley, $16). By Emily Henry. Two summer neighbor writers challenge each other to write novels in each other’s genres.

9 Ugly love (Atria, $16.99). By Colleen Hoover. A mutual attraction between two young adults leads to a casual, noncommittal relationship, but emotions get in the way.

ten CIRCE (Back Bay, $16.99). By Madeline Miller. This continuation of the “Song of Achilles” speaks of the goddess who transforms the men of Odysseus into pigs.

1 BRAIDING THE SCENT GRASS: INDIGENOUS WISDOM, SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE AND PLANT TEACHINGS (Milkweed Publishing, $18). By Robin Wall Kimmerer. Indigenous scientist’s essays offer lessons in reciprocal awareness between people and plants.

2 BODY KEEPS SCORE (Penguin, $19). By Bessel van der Kolk. A scientific look at how trauma can reshape a person’s body and brain.

3 ALL ABOUT LOVE (Tomorrow, $15.99). By bell hooks. The first volume of the feminist’s Love Song to the Nation trilogy views compassion as a form of love.

4 FIND THE MOTHER TREE (Former, $17). By Suzanne Simard. An ecologist sheds light on the connections between trees and people.

5 THE BOMBARDIER MAFIA (Back Bay, $18.99). By Malcolm Gladwell. How a strategy to reduce bloodshed with precision bombing during World War II was thwarted by military leaders.

6 EDUCATED (Random House, $18.99). By Tara Westover. A memoir by a woman from a survivalist family who earned a PhD at Cambridge.

seven THE SPLENDID AND THE VILE (Crown, $20). By Erik Larson. A look at how Winston Churchill led Britain through World War II that explores his political game and family dynamics.

8 TALK TO STRANGERS (Back Bay, $18.99). By Malcolm Gladwell. An examination of why humans are so bad at recognizing liars and lies.

9 INTERCLOTHED LIFE (Random house, $18). By Merlin Sheldrake. A biologist explains the importance of mushrooms for our body and the environment.

ten FOX AND ME (Spiegel & Grau, $18). By Catherine Raven. The memoirs of a woman who follows the life of a wild fox who visits her property every afternoon.

1 DUNE (Ace, $10.99). By Frank Herbert. In the classic sci-fi novel, a young boy survives a family betrayal on an inhospitable planet.

2 1984 (Bookmark, $9.99). By George Orwell. The classic novel about the perils of a totalitarian police state.

3 FARM ANIMAL (Bookmark, $9.99). By George Orwell. The animals stage a workers’ coup on a farm, then transform into a totalitarian state, in this classic campaign against Stalinism.

4 DUNE MESSIAH (Ace, $9.99). By Frank Herbert. The second book of the Dune Chronicles picks up the story of Paul Atreides 12 years after he became Emperor of the Known Universe.

5 THE NAME OF THE WIND (DAWs, $10.99). By Patrick Rothfuss. Kvothe the Kingkiller tells the story of his rise to near-legendary heroism.

6 THE WAY OF KINGS (Tor, $9.99). By Brandon Sanderson. The first volume in the Stormlight Archive series.

seven MISTBORN: THE FINAL EMPIRE (Tor, $9.99). By Brandon Sanderson. A fugitive and a thief join forces to overthrow the oppressor Lord Ruler.

8 LORD OF FLIES (Penguin, $11). By William Golding. The classic and disturbing story of English schoolboys stranded on a desert island.

9 GOOD OMEN (Tomorrow, $9.99). By Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. A novel imagining the end of the world and the fallout.

ten THE GALACTIC TRAVELER’S GUIDE (Del Rey, $7.99). By Douglas Adams. As Earth is demolished, mild-mannered Arthur Dent escapes to the galactic highway.

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