This author of the EC has “the best intentions”


WHAT IS HAPPENING? Returning from combat can be a difficult transition for many Veterans. But a local author aims to explore this trauma through his new psychological thriller. (Photo by Nicole Withers)

Returning home after experiencing the brutality of war in combat is seldom easy, and it is the same can be said for Corey Loflin, the character of Eau Claire author Joshua MacMillan.

Trauma-fueled nightmares consume his mind every night, only for his paranoia to intensify with the arrival of a cryptic note. “What’s going on? Who’s after me? Who’s after my family?

These tedious questions fuel the character’s desire to decipher those thoughts – even with her worsening nightmares and work stoking her insomnia. A

As more notes arrive and time runs out to solve the mystery, MacMillan leaves readers wondering: who is interfering in Loflin’s house? Or is he the stranger in his own home?

The best of intentions is MacMillan’s first novel, published by independent publishing house D&T Publishing. He grapples with the stress and psychological burden veterans face when they return from combat.

Set in Wisconsin, the story takes a local (or more regional) perspective, with references to climate change and getting gas at the much-loved gas station, Kwik Trip.

Texas-born MacMillan is a huge fan of the horror genre, and while this novel is steeped in psychological thriller, it retains elements of horror in the main character’s nightmares.

Check out the book on Amazon in paperback and hardcover, download it for Kindle, or buy it soon from The Local Store.


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