Top of Mind’s Power Video helps loan originators make personal connections with customers, prospects and referral partners – in seconds



ATLANTA, Georgia, March 18, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – Featured Networks (Top of Mind), a leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software for the mortgage industry, today announced the launch of Power Video, a new set of tools in Infallible CRM that makes it easy to record and send videos to large-scale customers, prospects and referral partners.

Loan Initiators (LOs) do not need any special software to use Power Video; instead, they can record videos directly into Surefire CRM or download videos from any mobile device. Lenders can send video content to clients and referral partners through E-mail Where text message ad hoc or as part of an automated and targeted marketing workflow.

“You can’t always talk to your customers face to face, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a connection that is both personal and powerful,” said Nick Belenky, chief revenue officer. “We designed Power Video to make it easy for lenders to manage large-scale video communication. “

Frontline creators don’t even need to log into Surefire CRM to benefit from Power Video. Belenky explains, “Suppose a lender wants to send a birthday video greeting to every former customer. With Power Video, the marketing manager can send the entire original team a script with a link to record their birthday greetings, all via SMS. The system automatically downloads the video clip of each LO to the correct folder in the Surefire content library, then the workflow is ready to be centrally deployed.

Power Video gives lenders scalability and integrated compliance checks which are not available in other mortgage video solutions. Each Power Video is automatically part of the lender’s audit file in Surefire, making it easier to respond to recording requests in the event of a compliance audit.

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About Top of Mind Networks:

Founded in 2003, Atlanta-based Top of Mind Networks ( started as a seeded direct mail marketing company. Today, the company is recognized as the mortgage industry’s most trusted provider of marketing automation and creative content solutions. From individuals to corporate lenders, Top of Mind’s SurefireCRM helps thousands of mortgage professionals win new business, retain customers and earn referrals. With intuitive, “set it and forget it” workflows and award-winning content, mortgage professionals can effortlessly maintain and deepen their emotional connections with their clients.

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