TVS deploys the ARIVE mobile app for an advanced online shopping experience



televisions Presentation of the ARIVE mobile application

– Provides an augmented reality-based vehicle viewing and purchasing experience

– Also available in 3D mode for smartphones that do not support AR

Two-wheeler manufacturers have focused on simplifying the online shopping experience for customers, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to do the same, TVS Motor Company has launched a new smartphone app, TVS ARIVE, which is supposed to transform product inspection and the reservation experience for customers.

TVS Apache RR310 Right side view

The TVS ARIVE comes with three modes – “Place to explore”, “Scan real bile” and “3D mode”. The first two modes work using augmented reality (AR) technology. The “Place to explore” mode allows the user to inspect a TVS offering in augmented form by offering a 360 degree view and a function of zooming in and out. Meanwhile, the “Scan a real bike” mode, as the name suggests, scans a real bike and allows the user to examine all of its features with an x-ray view and detailed explanation. As for the “3D mode”, it is available for smartphones which do not support the AR functionality but offer a similar experience to the two aforementioned modes.

Other features of the TVS ARIVE app include the “Sell Through Process” for last mile connectivity, test planning, location of nearest dealers, and online vehicle reservation. You can also see product dimensions, videos and detailed specifications of the TVS two-wheelers. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS customers.



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