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Victoria’s main welfare agency and the state’s performing arts community have posted ads encouraging people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The Victorian Council of Social Service launched its ad on Monday, titled “Back to the Good Things,” which features real people sharing what they look forward to after widespread immunization is achieved. Among those featured is a health worker who says she can’t wait not to worry about the deaths of her COVID-19 patients, a woman who can’t wait to get married and reunite with friends and family abroad and a musician delighted to perform for large crowds. The 50-second ad is captioned in nine languages ​​including Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Italian, and Vietnamese and VCOSS has waived copyright, meaning any organization media, website, publisher, business or individual may use it. Although VCOSS cannot increase vaccine supply, its executive director Emma King says the organization can help people get to immunization centers. “We all want to get back to the good stuff. So we all have to play our part in encouraging people to get vaccinated,” Ms King said in a statement. On the same day, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra launched its “Performance of a Lifetime” campaign. Featuring artists such as Rhonda Burchmore, Deborah Cheetham and Tim Minchin, as well as performers from the Australian Ballet, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Melbourne Theater Company, the ad encourages people to join in. “the overall effort” to get vaccinated. “Let’s give COVID its latest booster,” artist and scholar Priya Srinivasan said. Creative Industries Minister Danny Pearson praised the performing arts community for its leadership. “This campaign is a smart and creative way to encourage the public to play their part and get vaccinated,” he said in a statement. “If you can get vaccinated, please book or visit a center – the sooner we get vaccinated, the sooner we can start doing the things we love again.” The video also includes subtitles in Arabic, Cantonese, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Vietnamese. The ads come after the federal government released a new COVID-19 awareness television ad last week, depicting a young woman with the virus who has trouble breathing. She makes eye contact with the camera and searches for air as a message reads: “COVID-19 can affect anyone. Stay home. Get tested. Book your vaccination.” The announcement was broadcast in Sydney, which is battling an outbreak of the Delta strain of the coronavirus. The Commonwealth also released a print ad, showing a parade of weapons wearing bandages after vaccination with the slogan: “Arm yourself against COVID-19”. Victoria’s director of health, Brett Sutton, praised the ads for their positive and motivating tone. “I don’t think we need to push people to vaccinate, there are a lot of people who are ready to step up, but something that frames it in a way that allows people to see exactly the world we are into. trying to evolve is a good thing, ”he said. Associated Australian Press



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