Viktoria B. Knots releases “Rooms of Life – and the BEYOND Inside”


Viktoria B. Knots announces her entry into the publishing scene with the release of “Rooms of Life – and the BEYOND Inside” (published by Balboa Press) in which she examines her life as a series of “rooms”, beginning through its early years and continues to the present day.

In her family, Knots was known as the sensitive and serious child, always searching for answers about the meaning and purpose of life. Life experiences have reinforced these tendencies and propelled her onto the path of spirituality, where she feels at home. In 2007, an epiphany occurred during a spiritual trip to Egypt, and two years later another in Peru, during a shamanic ceremony, with the so-called soul vine, Ayahuasca , which gave him a new understanding of life.

Knots was then “sent” on numerous journeys, sometimes with a mission. Harmonics (harmonic singing) and sound healing began to fascinate her and she immersed herself in it. By visiting mediumship and trance courses at Arthur Findley College in England, new fields opened up, conveying the message: “There is a vast field out there to explore in the afterlife at interior. It is enough to dare to go there for visits that help us to expand our consciousness.

“This book will appeal to readers because it shows how exciting life can become when you take care of yourself and trust your intuition and guidance. I hope my experiences will support someone who needs to take a tough decision, either stay in pain or find enough self-love to break free from victim mode,” says Knots. When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, she replies, “No one has no right to hurt you because of his own unresolved patterns. Find your own path, learn to love and honor yourself, and find out what makes you happy! For more details on the book, please visit https ://

“Parts of Life – and the Afterlife Within”

By Viktoria B. Knots

Hardcover | 6×9 inches | 372 pages | ISBN 9798765234709

Soft cover | 6×9 inches | 372 pages | ISBN 9798765234686

E-book | 372 pages | ISBN 9798765234693

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Viktoria B. Knots lives in the mountainous region of Bavaria in southern Germany.

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