Wayne Family Adventures Webtoon Shares Toilet Mystery


Batman is shocked to hear a flush in Batman: Wayne Family Adventures.

Wayne family adventures‘Batman hears an important clue in this exceptional StarBite art.
Screenshot: DC Comics / Webtoon

Batmanis known to be a master planner, prepared for all eventualities. But sometimes someone manages to thwart the Black Knight– for example, someone who has the knowledge to find Batman’s secret refuge scattered across Gotham City, and the ability to steal the technology inside despite what must be extremely formidable defenses. This is the dilemma Batman faces in the latest issue of the Batman: Wayne Family Adventures webtoon. Also, someone takes a dump.

i will not spoil who is by breaking into these shelters, I will not spoil the identity of the person using the dresser of the Caped Crusader either. I will say however the webcomic (issue # 4, “Alert”) ends with an annoyed Batman picking up his gadgets from the floor like a father picking up the toys his five-year-old has scattered around the living room, because that’s a perfect example of why Wayne family adventures is so much fun. Shelters aside, the webtoon doesn’t focus on fighting crime, but silly vignettes of extended family when they’re not wearing spandex and hitting baddies. I still can’t get over “The Last Cookie”, in which Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, Duke Thomas and Damian Wayne fought over one of Alfred’s cookies.

Since its debut on September 8, Wayne family adventures has accumulated more than 500,000 subscribers, which Comic Book Resources notes is a number that far exceeds the total number of Batman comics sold in comic book stores last July. However, this number does not include sales in mainstream places like bookstores, nor digital sales of these comics, nor does it take into account that the webtoon is, like all the other comics on its site. platform, free to read, while the other Batman comics aren’t that much.

Still, over 500,000 readers in 10 days is no small feat, and is a testament to the delight of writer CRC Payne and artist Rhett Bloom (aka StarBite) confront the Wayne family has already been. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can read Batman: Wayne Family Adventures here– and uncover the shocking identity of the person who made unauthorized use of Batman’s toilet.

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