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Prince Of Darkness by John Carpenter presents a terrifying dreamlike vision of the future; here’s what the scrambled message actually says.

Here’s what the future dream message featured in John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness actually said. While this may be a cult classic now, Big problem in little China was a box office failure in 1986. This was caused, in part, by the 20th Century Fox studio’s lack of confidence in the project. They thought the John Carpenter film would be in the same vein as Indiana Jones, but were dismayed that Kurt Russell’s hero Jack Burton was portrayed as a goofy idiot. His Asian “sidekick” Wang Chi (Dennis Dun), on the other hand, was the real hero.

This subversive element is one of the reasons the film is being enjoyed now, but Fox hasn’t done much to promote it and it quickly sank. John Carpenter became disillusioned with the studios as a result of Big problem in little China and decided to go back to her low budget roots. It earned him to write and realize Prince of Darkness. This 1987 shock sees a priest summoning a professor of quantum physics and his students to study a mysterious cartridge of green liquid discovered in the basement of a church. It turns out that this liquid contains the essence of the son of the Anti-God – AKA the son of Satan – and slowly awakens to end the world.

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Prince of Darkness is an ode to the work of British science fiction writer Nigel Kneale, particularly his famous BBC horror television film The stone ribbon. It remains one of Carpenter’s most underrated works, and features one of his best sheet music and is filled with weird sequences. Case in point is the dream that all of the main characters in the story share, which shows a dark figure emerging from the church they sleep in. Turns out it’s not a dream at all, but a message sent by the future warning them of what’s to come. The video also features a voiceover, but it’s hard to understand what is being said.

dream message future prince of darkness

The image of a dark figure emerging from the facade of the church is believed to have come from a dream of Carpenter producer Debra Hill (Halloween, Fog) had. The director himself was recording the voice for Prince of Darkness’ future dream narrator, and here’s what the ominous post says.

“This is not a dream … not a dream. We use your brain’s electrical system as a receiver. We are unable to transmit by conscious neural interference. You receive this broadcast as a dream. We have been transmitting since first grade. , new, new, new. You are receiving this broadcast in order to alter the events that you see. Our technology has not developed a transmitter powerful enough to reach your state of consciousness, but it is not a dream. You see. what actually occurs for the purpose of a causation violation. “

Prince of Darkness’ The Future Dream is the result of people – presumably scientists – in 1999 desperately warning scientists to prevent the rise of the Anti-God. The distorted audio, combined with the eerie dreamy visuals, makes it one of the most effective horror scenes in Carpenter’s filmography, and it remains the film’s most famous scene. The dream also changes in the final scene, although in classic Carpenter style it is unclear whether that means they failed to stop the Anti-God from passing to the other side, or s ‘it really is just a nightmare.

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