Where is the filming of the Pixar film taking place in Italy?


Pixar’s Luca is set in a fictional town, but it draws inspiration from director Enrico Casarosa’s childhood on the Italian coast, as well as local folklore.

Pixar has chosen to direct its latest film, Luca, in the fictional Italian town of Portorosso, but the location is based on real small towns in Italy. Release on Disney + on June 18e, 2021, the film is released in the wake of recent Disney and Pixar animations Soul and Raya and the last dragon. Here’s the real inspiration behind Luca’s frame.

From Soulrumination on mortality and the purpose of life, and the folklore of Southeast Asia with Raya, by director Enrico Casarosa Luca presents a simple coming-of-age story on the sun-drenched Italian coast. Telling the story of young sea creatures marveling at the human world, the premise draws instant similarities to the 1989 classic The little Mermaid.

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Luca marks Casarosa’s feature debut, having worked as a Pixar screenwriter and directing the Oscar-nominated film The moon in 2011. The elements of the sea monster were inspired by Italian regional folklore, while the film’s fishing town is based on the idyllic locations of the Italian Riviera. The film is clearly very personal to Casarosa, who contributed his fond childhood memories to the plot and themes of the film.

luca pixar luca and alberto in portorosso

Originally from Genoa, Italy, and having spent his summers on the coast, the youth of Casarosa is firmly anchored in the history of Luca. The film’s protagonist and ocean dweller, Luca Paguro (Jacob Tremblay) is cheered on by his friend, Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer of Shazam!), pretending to be humans as they cruise around a small coastal town one summer. Alberto is based on Casarosa’s childhood best friend of the same name, with whom the director spent many summers in the 1980s. The characters in the Pixar film would reflect how much more introverted Casarosa was, while Alberto was more carefree and prone to mischief. As the director said Weekly entertainment, “I was shy and a little shy, and he was following a passion every week. I was just running in the old town of Genoa which is a bit risky.From cobblestone streets and colorful buildings to local fishermen and cuisine, the Portorosso in the film may be fictional, but the atmosphere vividly reflects the true Italian Riviera.

Luca, which was quietly teased in Soul, contains several mythical elements. Casarosa commented on his childhood fascination with illustrations of sea monsters on old maps. In the same interview, he recalled how the Cinque Terre coastal area was full of local legends of sea dragons and other creatures: “You will later find out that protecting their favorite fishing spot is a fable.“The idea of ​​combining fantastic elements with otherwise serene places is always interesting and provides a great way to educate the public about different cultures. It’s easy to see how these legends land Lucahis best friends are in a lot of trouble. It’s clear the filmmakers also want the world to feel natural, as Casarosa said. D23 how he sent an artistic team to Italian Rivera to research its people and rich culture.

Although evoking the nostalgia for Italy of the 1950s and 1960s, prior to the director’s childhood, Luca is clearly a labor of love for Casarosa. The Italian setting and era easily evokes the well-being nature of classics from the golden age like roman holidays. However, the director’s personal attachment and his use of local legends suggests that the film will stand out as an imaginative adventure in its own right.

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  • Luca (2021)Release Date: June 18, 2021

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