Who’s the dad ? Teen Titans Academy #12 and Blue & Gold #6 Spoilers



Last night Bleeding Cool dropped a bombshell on a) Red X’s identity in the Teen Titans Academy books but also that b) everyone had probably guessed who it was. Because they had about…

Who’s the dad ? Teen Titans Academy #12 and Blue & Gold #6 Spoilers

…thanks to consistent DC Comics coloring schemes and the fact that the guy’s last name was Italian for Robin. But today Teen Titans Academy #12 by Tim Sheridan and Mike Norton, also that said identity believed that they were the son of Nightwing, and that was part of the motivation for Brick Pettirosso playing with additional cosplay. Dick’s son’s name is Brick? Brick Grayson?

Red X's Identity Revealed in Tomorrow's Teen Titans Academy (Spoilers)

Well, there’s a lot of that today. As Blue & Gold #6 of Dan Jurgens and Ryan Souk. Who looks at the parentage of Booster Gold.

DC Comics

Rip Hunter is the son of Booster Gold. Revealed in his 2007 series, as well as gold booster 1,000,000…

Who's the dad ?  Teen Titans Academy #12 and Blue & Gold #5 Spoilers

…but now back in continuity, just in case anyone was wondering, though Booster Gold doesn’t know the truth. And coming back easily in front of the new DCs Legends of Tomorrow CWTV television series. But one thing that writer Dan Jurgens never hinted at, despite the hints, is who Rip Hinter’s mother was.

DC Comics

And he still doesn’t. The cheek close to the chest, that Dan Jurgens. Whereas in Teen Titans Academy. It turns out there’s more than one Red X they have to deal with. Obviously.

DC Comics

And no, Dick Grayson isn’t Brick Pettirosso’s dad, it was all just that Red X thing, which isn’t the Red X we’ve seen for the rest of Teen Titans Academy – well, not everything anyway. And we still have a mystery about the identity of this Red X…

(F) Tim Sheridan (F) Mike Norton (CA) Rafa Sandoval
It all boils down to this! As their lives literally crumble around them, the Titans must deal with the betrayal of their most troubled student – who has just unmasked himself as Red X – no longer a familiar face from the depths of their most recent days. darker, determined to exact unholy revenge on Nightwing. In the end, after the epic collision of past, present, and future, who and what of Teen Titans Academy will still be standing?
Retail price: $3.99 Date in store: 02/22/2022

(W) Dan Jurgens (A/CA) Ryan Sook
Booster and Beetle are lost in space! After a disastrous first day in their new jobs as heroic business owners and operators, the duo find themselves kidnapped and stranded in an alien world. Who is to blame? Well, the Omnizon of course! Welcome to his home planet of Br’Honn, where a life-and-death battle between friends is just another Tuesday!
Retail price: $3.99 Date in store: 02/22/2022

Thanks to Travis Pelkie for unlocking the Metnal block.

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