Why Jimmy Fallon is teaching his daughters to speak Spanish


For jimmy fallon learning a new language is a family activity.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the host explained that when he and his wife Nancy Juvonen had their children winny9 and french7 years old, they knew they wanted their daughter to be great readers and discovered that books were also the perfect way to expose them to new languages.

“As soon as they were born, we would read to them,” Fallon exclusively told E! News, “and when you get nerdy when you have your first baby, you get so into reading every book and every article about how to make our kids geniuses.”

He continued, “I received all these different books in different languages. I Green eggs and ham in Italian, but the whole book is in Italian. I can’t speak Italian.”

So for the comedian, who has written several children’s books, it made sense to explore it himself. For his latest book, he has teamed up with Jennifer Lopez for writing With Polloa bilingual book in English and Spanish perfect for parents who don’t know the language.

The idea is to make it simple so anyone who wants to try reading this can,” he told E! News’ Francesca Amiker, reading a page of the book. “Isn’t it fun? Pollo rhymes with Fro Yo, it’s a chicken, a bird.”


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