Why Netflix’s Astrology Guide to the Broken Hearted is the Perfect Weekend


Guida Astrologica Per Cuori Infrantior as the English title says, An Astrological Guide for the Broken Hearted, is an Italian original series from Netflix. It’s a simple yet funny show made to please the hearts of all hopeless romantics. It’s a lighthearted comedy filled with romance and hope and a surprisingly excellent watch. The show is based on a bestselling book by author Silvia Zucca and serves as her first novel. The story of the book follows a young single woman trying to find love with the help of astrology. If you find charts based on your zodiac signs exciting, then this series will be a nice and comfortable watch for you to binge.


The showrunner of the hit Italian Netflix series, Bindu De Stoppani, is a screenwriter, director and actress. To jumpwhich marks his feature debut, won several accolades, including Best Feature and Best Director at the 2012 Busan International Film Festival. Michela Andreozzi leads a Astrological guide to broken hearts episodes with Stoppani. The series is written by Stoppani and Fabrizio Cestaro and is produced by Paola Lucisano — Italian International Film — Lucisano Group. All filming for the show took place in Turin, Italy.

An Astrological Guide for the Broken Hearted: The Story

The official synopsis from Netflix is ​​as follows:

In her thirties and still single (certainly not by choice), Alice works at a small television station in a position with limited upward mobility, though she is often the most capable person in the room. To add insult to injury, her ex-boyfriend Carlo is getting married and is about to become a father. And as if that weren’t enough, at the small television production company she works for, a charming and mysterious new creative director, Davide, arrives to put everyone to the test. Alice’s life begins to change when she meets Tio, a cast member of the network’s flagship soap opera and self-proclaimed astrological guru, who will soon become her “personal astrological guide for the brokenhearted.”

The series has two seasons titled with an astrological sign starting from Aries to Virgo for the first season, then with Libra and ending with Pisces in the second season. The show follows Alice Bassi played incredibly well by Claudia Gusmano, a modern woman in her thirties trying to find love. She has a cynical and sarcastic interaction with a handsome stranger before going to work. The stranger turns out to be his new boss Davide Sardi played by the handsome and charming Michele Rosiello. You can feel the romantic tension between them from the first episode.

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In the men’s bathroom, she accidentally meets Tio, played by Lorenzo Adorni. Tio is an actor who lives with his elderly grandmother who believes you can find your “one” with the help of astrology, but certainly not by heteronormative standards. Even though Miss Bassi first sniffs her stars and traces the beliefs of the zodiac, they immediately become friends. Every day, he starts sending her voice memos with his daily horoscope. He also makes him understand the different astrological signs and which would suit him ideally.

In order to get over her ex-boyfriend Carlo Paradossi, played by Alberto Paradossi, who is currently engaged to Christina Chioatto, played by Lucrezia Bertini, she starts going out on dates. Unfortunately, astrological affinity is no guarantee of a perfect match, nor does it prevent a whole lot of terrible dates, bad surprises and disappointments.

In a drunken state, Alice offers Davide a novel idea for an astrological dating show and suggests that it be hosted by Tio. The show proved to be a big hit and is loved by audiences and network executives alike.

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Alice is the glue that holds the studio together. Enrico Crippa, played by Fausto Maria Sciarappa, is her producer and relies on her for everything. All work in the Dora TV studio. Her best friend and confidante, Paola Costa, played by Esther Elisha, is a young mother and journalist by profession. Tio gives us a little personality trait about each star sign in each episode.

Why look at an astrology guide for broken hearts?

An Astrological Guide for the Broken Hearted is a perfect binge for fans who love shows and movies such as damn and Bridget Jones Diary. It’s a sweet, witty and relatable story of a modern young woman in search of her true love and her dream job. Along the way, it makes you realize that sometimes you have to write your destiny and not depend solely on your stars.

Each episode is around 30 minutes long, leaving you wanting more. Both seasons, consisting of 12 episodes, end beautifully and do not disappoint. It is available to watch on Netflix.

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