Yankees vs Red Sox score: live updates from generic AL card game, channel as rivals look to advance to 2021 MLB playoffs


First baseman Anthony Rizzo will start for the Yankees on Tuesday night, a first for him in his brief career with the Yankees and something he has done in just 66 games in his 11-year career (1,406 games).

“I love him. I love him. I’ve never made it to the playoffs, but I’m excited. I’ll be good to go. Announce the flush. Get the first chance in the 2021 playoffs to do something something special, “he said ahead of the game.” My goal is not to let (Nathan) Eovaldi set up at all, so to be aggressive. He’s definitely going to come out on the fire today with adrenaline and everything, but it will be exciting. “

Rizzo has led the Cubs in five games this year, going 6 for 23 with a run batted in and one strikeout. For his career, Rizzo led in 66 games, slicing .321 / .407 / .554 with 14 home runs, 38 RBIs, 29 walks and 32 strikeouts.

“Boonie just let me know and said I’m in it. It doesn’t matter where you hit at this time of year… it’s about winning and playing for the other 25 guys on your team, playing for. your staff and your city and your fans, ”he said. “Personal stuff right now is nothing. Starting off, I enjoyed it when I do it, and it won’t be any different today.”

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said he and the staff were once again considering going with Gleyber Torres as the lead man, but ultimately wanted Rizzo up there.

“Really valuing Gleyber in the middle of the order with our guys and wanting Rizz, Judgey and Stanton as much as possible, and Gallo. I hope there are opportunities for him, and he’s a guy I really want with. runners on the bases, so it was just the decision to go with him, ”said Boone.

Rizzo’s former teammate and good friend Kyle Schwarber is also in the lead for the Red Sox.

“Schwarber has started too,” said Rizzo, who is hitting .249 and hitting .428 with seven doubles and eight homers in 49 games as a Yankee. “I spoke to him earlier today. It’s pretty cool to come full circle by playing against a really good friend who’s also starting out. They’re not your starting prototypical forwards, but he’s also excited about it.


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